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You've likely come to this site from a search engine looking for life insurance leads. What this site aims to provide is a practical guide to obtaining life insurance leads. Whether your new to the life insurance industry or a seasoned veteran, the key to being successful is continuously generating new life insurance leads that can covert into life insurance sales.

There are many strategies for generating life insurance leads, from traditional lead generation using print or telemarketing to using internet channels to develop leads. The primary focus of this website is to outline the many avenues available for life insurance lead generation using online marketing strategies. The following are the different strategies that you can use to assist in developing life insurance leads:

  • Email Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Cost Per Click Advertising
  • Cost Per Lead Advertising
  • Cost Per Action Advertising
  • Cost Per Impression
It is important to note setting up a website is important to most of the life insurance lead generation strategies above. Now you might be thinking, "Hold on a second, I don't know anything about how to set up a website!". Don't worry, there are many easy to use and free services out there to help you out. I like to use Google's Blogger (in fact this site is set up using Blogger) because it free and very intuitive to set up and use.

Now enough with the website stuff, lets get into developing life insurance leads. For the sake of organization and focus, we will break up the different online life insurance lead strategies in to different articles. This one will focus on generating life insurance leads using email marketing.

Life Insurance Leads: Email Marketing

Email marketing is using an email list to market your life insurance products in the hopes of generating new leads. There are two ways of obtaining an email list: buying/renting a list from an email marketer or marketing company; or setting up a web site to gather email addresses from potential customers. The two methods are almost complete opposites as the first requires much less effort however can be much more expensive, while the second requires a lot of effort but can be carried out with very little (or no) cost.

The first option, buying or renting an email list, is relatively straight forward however can be increasingly costly depending on how many life insurance leads you would like to develop. To increase sales conversion rates, email lists that are targeted to life insurance products are very important, however the better targeted the list, the higher the cost. To find sources of email lists, you should contact insurance industry magazines, websites and newsletters as they will have access to email lists of very targeted potential customers for you to market directly to. The only drawback to purchasing/renting an email list is that it may have been purchased/rented by other life insurance agents. The leads have already been contacted directly by someone else. If this is the case, conversion rates will decrease significantly (email marketing conversion rates are low to begin with - typically in the 1% to 2% range).

The second option, generate targeted life insurance leads by setting up a website, takes longer to establish however has minimal (to no) cost and more long term potential.

We won't spend a lot of time discussing the process of setting up a website as this has been documented extensively on the internet, however we will suggest you use Google's Blogger system to set up your website. Detailed instructions on how to set up a website using Blogger can be found either at or here.

Once you have a web site (in this case you really only need one web page) established using Blogger, you will need to do a few things to start capturing life insurance leads. The easiest way to capture life insurance leads (email and possibly other contact information) is to give something of value away for free.

Who doesn't like receiving something for free?

Now you're probably thinking, what can I give away for free that will entice someone to enter their contact details? The answer to this question is a lot easier than you think. Rather than detailing different methods, we'll do some of the initial work for you in the following steps:
  1. Go to this website
  2. Aggregate the articles into an information guide on Insurance (make sure to follow the terms of use at the top of the page). Something like "A Buyers Guide To Life Insurance".
  3. PDF the guide
  4. Set up a sales page using Blogger (you can skip the bonus and ordering steps - given your product is free, the only thing you will need is to capture the life insurance lead name email address. This can be done easily in Blogger by directing the lead to comment on your page requesting a free copy of the Insurance Guide. The life insurance leads email will be sent to your email (the one you specify in Blogger) and you've now captured a lead that you can use to sell your life insurance products.
The best part of using this method to capture life insurance leads is that you are building your own email list which can be used over and over again to market products to. This is one of many ways to use the internet to generate life insurance leads.

We hope you found this article informative in assisting you to develop life insurance leads. Stay tuned for further articles on generating life insurance leads using online marketing. In the meantime start generating life insurance leads with the email marketing method!

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